Heartgard Plus For Dogs Rebate Coupon Discount Code

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Being a dog owner you must know how much the hookworms, heartworms, and roundworms irritate your dog and make their daily life difficult. It is absolutely not okay to watch them in any painful situation because of the worms. The heartworm disease is no doubt, devastating as you all know and that’s why you are here to get a solution. 

The solution is not the medicine as you already know about the medicine possibly by your vet but the cost of the medicine. Coupon codes can be solutions sometimes, right? And of course, prevention is anytime better than treatment as the heartworms can literally be a treat to their happy life. Generally, if you keep ignoring the worms, it will be painful for then and costly for you. 

Heartgard Plus For Dogs Rebate Coupon Discount Code

Heartgard Plus For Dogs

Popular Heartgard Coupon And Price:

If you are in search of coupons here, which you obviously are then let me tell you that there are so many coupons available online that can give you a flat 50 to 60% discount on the total amount. If you are buying this medicine online or even offline, you can use this hassle-free anywhere anytime. 

The popular coupon codes are “Heart50” or “Plus60” and of course, there are many more. In case, you want to avail of a flat discount on the final price, we have some amazing coupons for you which can give you up to 70% flat discount, is not is exciting?

Pets are more like our baby and the most important thing is, they can not express their pain so we need to take extra care of them. They too deserve a painless and happy regular life but that only can happen when the heartworms are away. 

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How Much Does Heartgard Usually Cost?

Heartgard Plus For Dogs Rebate Coupon Discount Code

Heartgard Plus For Dogs

These chewable tablets are the vet’s number one choice for many reasons. These tablets not only kill heartworms but also helps to control them and prevents comeback. Moreover, they are enough tasty and your dog will love it no doubt. Generally, the vet will suggest you give it to your dog on a monthly basis. And the package costs around $40.00 so you must know why do you need coupon codes. 

You need to ask you, vet, before giving this to your dog and the age of the pet does matter a lot as this medicine is strictly for dogs over 6 weeks or elder. Heartgard plus is known for preventing the larvae from developing so that they can not turn into adult heartworms. Most of the time, the heartworm can directly affect your pet’s heart as well as lungs. That’s where you need protection. 

Heartgard Plus Reviews:

We have come up with a few dog lovers’ reviews about these chewable tablets and of course, they are popular twitter handlers too. You should definitely check them out below. Heartgard Tablets For Dogs are not only popular but also loved by a hell lot of dog lovers.

  • @Zeus- Considering all that’s going on with the Corona Virus, Online portals came through in delivering my fur baby’s Heart Guard in a timely and respectable manner. I would not want to deprive him of HeartGuard because it is crucial in protecting him from heartworm in which treatment is very costly, not to mention painful. Thank you online portals for coming through in these difficult times.
  • @Daisy- I have been giving the Heartgard to both of my dogs for many years. Since this pandemic worldwide and the stay at home orders. I was presently surprised how easy it is to order pet meds on Online portals. This product does work. I hope the manufacture comes out with a proven product the covers flees, tics, and heartworm.
  • @Zach- I have used Heartgard for all the 14 years we have had. It is a great product and it must taste good because he is always ready to wolf it down! I also appreciate Online medicine delivery portals for contacting our vet when we need a prescription item. Kudos to Online Platforms!!
  • @Doglover- My dogs take Heartgard monthly and since my Vet does not have hours during this time, online delivery has been most helpful getting me this product. As far as the heartguard is concerned, it is easy to administer. These online portals are accepted by the dogs as a special treat. I recommend this medicine. 

These are the reviews by some of the twitter handlers and they seem to love Heratguard for many reasons. Who doesn’t want to protect their pet’s heart? 

Heartgard Ingredients:

If you are willing to know the Heartgard Tablets ingredients then we have listed it below. You must check them out!

  • Pyrantel pamoate. 
  • Ivermectin. 

Heartgard Weight Ranges:

Another interesting part about this amazing Heartguard chews as they have made three different variations according to the dog’s age and weight. And how would you be able to rectify which one if for your pet? Just by colors. Let’s not ado further and check out below. 

Color On Box Weight Range Strength Dosage
Blue Up to 25 lbs 68 mcg Ivermectin and 57 mg pyrantel Administered orally at monthly intervals.
Heartgard Plus Green 26 to 50 lbs 136 mcg Intermectin and 114 mg pyrantel Administered orally at monthly intervals.
Browm 51 to 100 lbs 272 mcg Ivermectin and 227 mg pyrantel Administered orally at monthly intervals.


Now, we have discussed most of the important information but we have got so many frequently asked questions that must be answered. We have picked a few and you can check out them below.

Frequently Asked Question: 

Let’s check out the answers. 

How Long Does Heartgard  In Dog’s System?

  • After giving it to your dog, it will start working within 1 to 2 hours and kill all the possible heartworms within 24 hours. It means the medicine will be out from your dog’s system within 24 hours and it will never ever stay in their body for 30 days long. 

Heartgard plus Dosage For Dogs:

  • We have already mentioned the dosage above. It should be given to them orally once in a month and it will do the job within 24 hours. However, you are suggested to ask your vet about the dosage and then only provide it to them. Otherwise, it might have some side effects. 

Is There Any Heartgard Side Effects On Dog?

  • There is no such major side effect that has been recognized by the vets but of course, a few minor side effects are there including diarrhea and vomiting. If you notice any other side effect, you should immediately visit the vet as it may lead to something serious as well. 

How Quickly Does Heartgard Work?

  • This medicine starts working within one to two hours once they have finished it. So, you should not worry about the working time of this medicine. 

Is Heartgard For Pregnant Dogs?

  • This medicine has no major side effect on breeding or pregnant dogs so there is nothing to worry about. You just need to remember that your dog should be at least 6 weeks older to chew this. 

How Good Is Heartgard  For Cats?

  • However, this is safe as well as effective for cats but you need to ask your vet before giving it to the cat. Cats can also get Heartworm disease from another effected cat or mosquito and you can give it to them. 

Heartgard Plus For Dogs Rebate Coupon Discount Code


Popular Heartgard Coupon And Price We have discussed a few popular coupon codes and if you want more, you should check out here. 
How Much Does Heartgard Usually Cost? This medicine usually cost $40.00. 
Heartgard Plus Reviews We have listed a few reviews that are given by some popular twitter handlers. 
Heartgard Ingredients We have discussed it in this article. It mainly contains two things. 
Heartgard Weight Ranges You should check out the table and decide which one you need. 
Frequently Asked Question Here, we have made a list of a few frequently asked questions and you should definitely check them out. 



Your dog needs to be tested for existing heartworm infection before you start giving these chews to them. This is mostly effecting against heartworm and it will also keep their heart safe from any further damage. If you follow the right procedure and of course, the recommended dosage, then you will never ever have to face any difficulties or major side effects. Starting from breeding dogs to male dogs, you can give them this tasty medicine. 

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