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If you ever see your dog getting anxious and behaving erratically then there is one medicine that you always run to. It is Adaptil. Adaptil is the comfort zone for dogs which makes sure that your dog is in peace and having fun. 

Popular Adaptil coupon and price: 

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Adaptil For Dog Rebate Coupon Discount Code

Adaptil For Dog Rebate Coupon Discount Code

How much does Adaptil usually cost?

Adaptil comes in both a collar form and in the form of liquid medication. The collar and the liquid adaptil costs the same, and it is around $99. There is a refill of the liquid adaptil that costs half. It is just $65. For managing an easy application, Adaptil is found in a spray form too and it costs around $53. 

What are the adaptil ingredients? 

The adaptil is a formula that is applied to your dog when he is anxious, behaving frantically or is not calming down. Phenomena such as separation from the owner or mother, natural circumstances, or any other situation that could make him anxious are when the adaptil collar or liquid comes to play. 

The adaptil has a synthetic formula of DAP in it which makes the dogs calming. The DAP pheromone is something that is found in the body of the mother. So when your dog is in close proximity to the adaptil, he becomes calm as the pheromones mimic that of the ones that his mother would have. 

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How much Adaptil should you give to a dog?

As for the collar, you might have to depend on the DAP and its effects. After the effect of the collar starts to wear out, you might have to change it. The effects of the adaptil start to wear off after one month of use. 

The spray of the adaptil liquid should be given to your dog as much as possible. Two pumps of the spray should be enough. 

We have picked some of the frequently asked questions and answered them one by one in this article. Let’s check them out below. 

How long does Adaptil stay active in a dog’s system? 

The adaptil will stay in your dog’s system for as long as you will keep it on your dog. If you are using the adaptil collar on him then it will work for one whole month after which it might need a replacement. 

If you are using the spray then you will have to keep spraying it until it runs out. The same goes for the liquid formula too. It will stay for the whole day and after that, you have to spray again the next day. 

How good is Adaptil for Dogs? 

Many adaptil reviews from the trusted dog owners have claimed that adaptil is very good for the dogs. 

  • It relaxes them
  • It soothes their unnerved nerves. 
  • Whenever they are anxious, the adaptil makes them feel like they are safe. 
  • It helps them trust more and react less. 
  • They become more friendly. 
  • It makes them more spurious when taking walks. 
  • It will help them become a social butterfly. They won’t be anxious like they used to be. 

    Are there any Adaptil side effects on dogs?

Every medicine has its side effects. Though adaptil does not have any severe side effects, the effects are nonetheless a culmination of the medicine. 

  • It has been reported that a bit of irritation is noted in the dogs. 
  • Skin irritation where the collars are wrapped can be seen. 
  • Spot marks can be found. 

So make sure that the collar that you are using which has an active pheromone to calm him down fits him perfectly to not cause any irritation. 

How quickly does Adaptil work?

Adaptil works very differently depending on the type of medication you are using. If you are using a collar, then it might take at least a few days to make them adapt to the DAP. It will take around seven days for them to adapt to the new system. 

If you are using the spray, then it will take around 15 minutes which will last around four to five hours after the application. The big difference between the adaptil collar and the liquid is the durability. The collar runs longer while the spray runs out. 

Can adaptil be given to pregnant dogs?

You should definitely give adaptil to your dogs. When your dog is pregnant, they like us, become anxious, and are prone to get scared. By giving them the adaptil, you will be calming their whole system which will make the pregnancy more convenient. 

How much Adaptil to give a cat?

Adaptil is made for the dogs however adaptil has an alternative one for the cats. So if you want to give your adaptil, you should ask your vet for further information. 

Adaptil For Dog Rebate Coupon Discount Code: Click For Wondrous Discounts                                                     Discussion
How much does Adaptil usually cost?Both the collar and the spray costs around $100. 
Popular Adaptil coupon and priceAfter applying the coupon you will get around 30% to 50% off. 
What are the adaptil ingredients? The adaptil has DAP which makes it effective. The pheromones are highly effective for the dogs as it makes him calm. 
How long does Adaptil stay active in a dog’s system?The collar will stay in the dog’s system for as long as the collar emanates the pheromones, however, the spray stays for four to five hours after the application. 
How much Adaptil should you give to a dog?You could either give the collar or a dash bit of spray of the liquid adaptil liquid. 
How good is Adaptil for Dogs? The adaptil makes the dogs calmer and soothes their nerves. To know more, read above. 
Are there any Adaptil side effects on dogs?Irritation along with skin spots are some of the adaptil side effects. To know more about this particular aspect, please read above. 
How quickly does Adaptil work?The collar will take at least seven days to work whereas the spray takes only 15 minutes to see the effects. 
Can adaptil be given to pregnant dogs?Yes. You can give it to pregnant dogs. Pregnant dogs need to be calmer as they behave frantically at this time. To know more, read above 


It is important for you to have a well-behaved dog. So if you see your dog behaving frantically, make sure that you use adaptil on him to calm him down. It is very effective and efficient. Like us, the dogs are prone to be anxious and distrustful toward events that would make them become eager. So if you see them doing it, make sure that you use proper guidance to help them. Use adaptil collar and spray on them to help them be calm. 

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